Best Cordless Framing Nailer – Reviews, FAQ’s And Buying Guide

If you are a dedicated framer crew, you know the importance of the best cordless framing nailer. Without any doubt, it relieves you of using the good old muscle grease to join the wood together. A handy cordless nailer helps you adjust the nail driving depth according to the thickness and hardness of your workpiece.

The benefit of the cordless framing nailers lies in the ease with which a contractor can adjust the depth with the easy-to-adjust tool-free knobs.

Have you been looking for a dependable place to get an unbiased overview of the best battery-powered framing nailer present in the market? Check out this review for all their ins and outs.

6 Best Cordless Framing Nailers

  • Dewalt DCN692B – Best Cordless Framing Nailer
  • Paslode 905600 – Best Nail Gun For Framing
  • Metabo HPT NR1890DCS – Best Lightweight Framing Nailer
  • Ryobi P325 – Best Battery Framing Nailer
  • Makita XTS01Z – Best Makita Nail Gun For Framing
  • BOSTITCH 20V MAX – Best 20V Nailer For Framing
Best Value
  • Dual Speed Motor
  • Tool-Free Selector Switch
  • Tool-Free Depth Adjustment 
  • Tough & Reliable
  • Long Lasting Battery
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Editor’s Choice
Paslode Cordless XP Framing Nailer 905600
Paslode Cordless XP Framing Nailer 905600
  • Almost Never Jams
  • 1,000 Nails Per Fuel Cell
  • Lightweight
  • Fast & Easy Set Up
  • Long Run Time If Used Battery
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Editor’s Choice
Metabo HPT Cordless Framing Nailer Kit
Metabo HPT Cordless Framing Nailer Kit
  • Low Noise
  • Drives 400 Nails Per Charge
  • Powerful
  • Pneumatic Feel
  • Cordless
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Best Budget
Ryobi P325 One+ 18V Finish Nailer
Ryobi P325 One+ 18V Finish Nailer
  • Air Pressure Adjustment
  • Easy Setup
  • 18V Lithium Ion Battery
  • Low Nail Indicator
  • Tool-Free Adjustments
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Makita XTS01Z 18V LXT Crown Stapler Makita XTS01Z 18V LXT Crown Stapler
  • Ability To Rapid Fire
  • Lightweight
  • Easy Depth Control Settings
  • Arrow T50 Type Flat Crown Staples
  • Powerful Nailer
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BOSTITCH 20V MAX Cordless Framing Nailer BOSTITCH 20V MAX Cordless Framing Nailer
  • Cordless Framing Nail Gun
  • Compatible With BOSTITCH 20V Batteries
  • For Framing, Sheathing, Deck Building & Fencing
  • Compact Size
  • Contact-Actuation Modes
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Best Cordless Framing Nailer



For power tools, the name of DEWALT is an uncontested one. If you are not a fan of gas cartridges in gas-powered framing nailers, you have got your hands on the Dewalt cordless framing nailer with its flywheel technology.

With the brushless motor inside the machine, you can use it for a long time through all your complicated and simple projects. Also, the brushless more makes the battery efficient by enhancing the runtime. Work on more extensive projects without a voltage drop like in a brushed one. You have the best tool to dissect the hoses, connect the wood and whatnot during your home projects or at the construction site.

The dual-speed option of this Dewalt battery-powered nailer gun offers convenience. Adjust the speed according to the material type and thickness of the stock to avoid stressed nails.

The Dewalt has equipped the nailer with a micro nose for a line of sight; get the accuracy of sticking the nails on target. Additionally, while you are working on delicate projects, speed adjustment is a must; and you get that accuracy with Dewalt (DCN692B). The robust design and strong build of this power tool place it among the best cordless framing nailers on the market now a day.

You have got enough power to drive 3 1/2″ nails into various materials. The DEWALT 20V MAX XR battery system delivers fades-free power throughout the project. Another nice feature of this cordless nailer is its quiet operation compared to others nailers.

Finally, you get a quick adjustment system, secure jam clearing system, and dry fire lockout to maintain the tool’s longevity. The no-mar tip of the nailer prevents causing damage to the work surface.

  • 100% fuel-cell free
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Easy access to the nose piece
  • Trigger locking system
  • Extremely portable 
  • Dual speed motor
  • LED Lights
  • Purchase the battery separately
  • A little heavier

Best Nail Gun For Framing

Paslode XP 905600


Paslode 905600 is the best cordless framing nailer, and there are several reasons to justify the claim. This framing nail gun uses a combination of battery and fuel cell to power the efficiency and performance required by a constructor.

The nailer eliminates the need to use a bulky air compressor, but at the same time, it generates the same plunging while you are driving nails into the wood.

A combination battery and fuel cell-powered nailer offers the most potent combination among all the cordless options. Thus, the tool provides 15% more power and can help you drive nails through LVL or engineered lumber effortlessly.

The 7.2 pounds weight of the machine makes it less cumbersome to work for a prolonged period. You can say that it weighs even lesser than many pneumatic nailers as well.

You can also work with this nailer in all weather conditions, from freezing cold to scalding hot. There is no worry about air compressor pipe freezing and clogging during winters.

The nailer works with a 7.2Volt battery and can drive the industry’s highest nail numbers of 9000 with one charge. Simultaneously, with the fuel cell of the nailer, drive 1200 nails without stopping. This capacity of the best Paslode framing nailer is enough to finish even the largest of the projects.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Enough power to countersink nails
  • Easy to control
  • Sturdy design 
  • Easy to load fuel cell 
  • No jamming
  • Fuel cell release a foul odor
  • The extra cost of consumables 

Best Metabo Cordless Framing Nail Gun

Metabo HPT NR1890DCS


The first thing you will notice about this Metabo cordless framing nailer upon receiving is its power and punch. The power of driving nails is comparable to that of a pneumatic framing nailer.

The nailer can effortlessly sink a 2-Inch up to 3-1/2-Inch Clipped & Offset Round Paper Strip Nails into the wood. But at the same time, don’t think that your nails will be bent or jammed.

The power and quality of the performance justify its little high price tag. The heavyweight of the framing gun works to your benefit, giving you stability and complete control while shooting nails with power.

There is no hassle of tubing from the compressor, neither is there any requirement of fuel + battery. Thus, there is negligible maintenance and added cost.

Even if you are one of those who had long stopped framing, this is your chance of loving this activity again with Metabo HPT Cordless Framing Nailer with an 18V battery.

The kit is a dream come true for a DIYer and a professional contractor at the same time. Look forward to driving 400 nails per charge with its compact 3.0 Ah Li-ion battery.

  • Tool-less depth adjustment
  • 3.0 Ah Li-ion battery
  • Pneumatic-like feel
  • Ideal for all construction framing jobs
  • Power-packed operation
  • A little heavy
  • Bump fire is not very fast

Best Battery Powered Framing nailer

Ryobi P325 One+ 18V

Ryobi-P325 One+18V-Lithium-Ion-Battery-Powered-Cordless-Nailer

Many of you might be looking for a battery-powered framing nailer under 200. If so, you have got the Best Affordable battery-powered nail gun. But astonishingly, the plethora of its features offers more value than you pay for. The nailer is powered by an 18V high-quality lithium-ion battery for top-notch, consistent performance.

With a switch at the back of this power tool, the nail driving depth adjustment is effortless. There is an LED lighting feature at the head that allows you to look in the corners in dim light conditions, a feature that enhances precision. The better part is that there is a separate trigger to switch on the light. No more accidental shootings now!

No need for any tools to adjust the depth, as you can do it with a knob. Also, clearing the jams is easy with just flipping out the end. Finally, the tool is part of one+ family, meaning you can use it with Ryobi’s 18V batteries in this family.

  • Can take larger 16-gauge nails 
  • Compatible with One+ tools battery
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clear jams
  • Extremely affordable
  • No vibration
  • Fast speed
  • No jams
  • Best affordable framing nailer 
  • Battery not included
  • Using LED light much may reduce battery life

Best Makita Cordless Framing Nail Gun



Makita power tools are famous for their longevity and utility. This Makita cordless framing nailer is suitable for a variety of jobs. It can conveniently drive a broad range of wide range of 3/8” crown staple lengths into hardwood (oak, maple, cherry, etc.)

The framing nailer comes with an easy-to-adjust depth control system to ensure no bulging and sagging nails in the wood.

The aluminum build of the magazine allows for quick loading and adjustments of the staples into the magazine. There is a window to conveniently look at the remaining nails and prevent any dry firing that can impact the machine’s build.

The ergonomics and compactness of the design ensure the convenient handling of the stapler. The best feature of this tool is less weight. The device weighs a little more than 5 pounds. Thus, you can use it to drive nails for as long as you want without getting fatigued.

The tool’s length at 9-7/8” inches also feels perfect and adjusts smoothly into the hands; a glove-like handle offers a solid grip. This is the most suitable Makita cordless framing nailer for Makita fans with an assurance of lasting for a long time.

Additionally, the LXT battery system of this cordless framing nailer offers up to 50% more runtime and three times faster-charging ability. Thus, you are free to work on your extensive projects like drywall, roofing, furniture, upholstery, and installation of utility with the extended efficient battery time.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle and use
  • easy to load 
  • Convenient window to check staples in the magazine
  • Powerful 
  • Accurate
  • batteries not included
  • Does not come in a carrying case

Best 20V Nail Gun For Framing and Deck Building



Have you been working with the best pneumatic framing nail gun in the past and not ready to shift? Well, I know the hesitation and nail driving power of pneumatic nail guns; not surprising either. However, what if you get a competitive nail gun but no hassle of air compressors? Sounds great, right?

Let me tell you about BOSTITCH 20V MAX Cordless Framing Nailer.

This nail gun drives the nail at 30 degrees angle. The nail gun also relieves you from the hassle of setting up a compressor, looking for hoses, and much more.

The battery powered brushless motor ensures long-lasting action with fade-free power. The brushless motor also enhances the battery life and manages consumption.

Much like big brands and models like Dewalt DCN692, you also get a dual-speed motor to manage the speed according to the delicacy of the project. You can conveniently drive up to 3-1/2 inch long through engineered lumber.

The tool comes in a light and compact body, making it effortless to use for an extended time. You can choose amid sequential and bump mode depending on your woodworking project’s precision and required accuracy.

The easy-going rafter hook, depth adjustment system, and dry fire lockout are additional features. The tool comes in a carrying bag and can drive both clipped and round head nails. Finally, there is a release lever to clear the jams.

  • Choose between sequential and bump mode
  • Dry fire lockout
  • Battery-powered framing nailer
  • Brushless motor
  • Dual speed motor
  • 20 V Li-Ion Battery and Charger included
  • Carrying bag
  • lightweight and compact size
  • For clipped and round head nails 
  • Misfire sometimes
  • Suitable for smaller projects

Buying Guide For The Best Cordless Framing Nailer

Enjoy buying new tools or belong to the class of people who gets a little anxious with the very many features? Eliminate the guesswork now with this buying guide.

Many nailers do the primary function of driving nails through the material and fastening the wooden pieces. There are a variety of features that sets them apart from each other. Below you will know all those features and situation which makes one nailer more suitable for you than others.


Going shopping and not thinking about the budget? Does not seem to fit together. Unless, of course, if you have got some piles to through here and there. In most instances, it is better to decide on a budget to simplify making the decision.

Budget is also important to make sure you get more with making a lower investment as a contractor. Finally, according to your use, if you have a budget in mind, it always saves you from spending on a product that is of no use to you. For instance, there is no need to spend more on a high-end tool when your need is mostly about light-duty everyday tasks.

Power Source

The power source is another consideration when you are buying a framing nailer. Power is one most important factors that you can never compromise on. After all, this is what drives your nails into the wood or other materials.

Besides, the cost, ability to flash nails, and maintenance; all depend on power. The bang created by the framing nail gun will determine its quality and its time to finish the job.

 Source of Cordless Power

When you are buying cordless nailers, you know that you opt for a tool full of awesomeness. One machine offers you power but at the same time eliminates the need for an air compressor with its inconvenient hose.

Your presence in this article sends an intimation about your decision to go with the best battery nail gun for framing. Let’s know various power sources.


Fuel Cell Powered (Also called gas-powered)

Combination Gas/Battery

A battery-powered framing nailer is self-explanatory in that it runs on a battery. They are completely fuel-free and use batteries similar to the ones in cordless drills. They are easy to use, do not cost much, and the battery also charges relatively quickly.

Their only downside is the one that you have with battery-powered tools. They may not be suitable for heavy-duty hardwoods, and the battery may run out. So, you might need to have spare battery packs ready when working on larger projects.

The next is a Fuel Cell Powered framing nail gun. They get their power with replaceable fuel cells. This implies that you have to keep a stock ready all the time. This may add an added cost to your budget. However, if your projects require driving nails through a wide variety of materials with more power, there is no option but to go with them.

If you are a professional contractor, the next category is definitely for you. The combination of gas and battery for powering the framing nailers enhances longevity and offers the most power. But for a weekend warrior or DIY hobbyist, you should better go with battery powered ones.

Trigger Size and Firing Modes

As a contractor, you might also want to consider the trigger size and firring modes of your selected nailer. When wearing gloves or protective equipment, you need a relatively longer trigger to have better control over it.

Another aspect is the firing modes. Usually, there are two firing modes, and you can choose them according to the requirements.

Sequential Trigger- This mode corresponds to the settings when need singles shots. Thus, it is also called a single shot trigger or restrictive trigger.

This mode allows you to drive a nail through the material with the safety contact tip depressed into the material. Simultaneously, you press the trigger to release the nail. This setting is safer and offers you heightened precision.

Bump actuation mode or Contact Trigger – The nail gun shoots the nail as the gun comes in contact with the material. This mode is more appropriate for you if your project does not require precision. Instead, speedy completion is the goal. Therefore, based on your requirements, ensure your nailer supports these functions or not.

Adjustable Nail Depth

Remember, we are not working with a manual hammer and nail system to adjust the nail’s depth. In modern nail guns, you get to have an Adjustable Nail Depth mechanism to control how far the nail goes into the wood.

Being a framer crew, you might be working with various materials with not-so-similar depth, so the Depth Control System comes in handy. In modern nail guns, you might get to have an on-board wrench to adjust the depth or use switches to do so.

Magazine Capacity

The magazine capacity corresponds to the number of nails it can hold. The larger magazine capacity of your cordless framing nailer can significantly reduce downtime; work on larger projects without delay. But even if your battery-operated framing nailer comes with a smaller capacity, loading it does not take much time anyway.

Clearing Jams

Working with a nailer and not facing jams does not seem accurate. It is similar to stapling papers with a stapler. However, the frequency of these jams depends upon the build quality of your tool.

Many models offer a quick method of jam clearance by clicking a button. In other models, you might be required to open the latch and do it manually.

Size and weight

The weight and size of your framing are another consideration for a contractor. Consider the weight of the gun as you might be using it for a long time.

Though some weight is essential to offer balance when you drive a nail into the material, an unreasonably heavy machine becomes a headache to use for prolonged periods.

Another feature you might also look for is the dry fire lockout.  It prevents the tool from firing nails when the magazine is empty, enhances the tool’s life, and prevents the surface from being marred. 


What is the best nail gun for framing?

Paslode, Cordless XP Framing Nailer, 905600 is the best nail gun for framing with its powerful nail driving ability. The tool is real value for money with its sturdy build, ergonomic design, and no jamming.

Does Makita make a cordless framing nailer?

Yes, Makita makes cordless nail guns. we have reviewed XTS01Z-18V-LXT which has a good overall rating and client satisfaction.

What is the best battery framing nail gun?

Ryobi P325 One+ 18V is the best battery framing nail gun with its brushless motor, crazy power, and dual-speed engine.

Which Dewalt cordless framing nailer is best?

Dewalt DCN692B is the Best Value Cordless Nailer that offers you all the essential features at a reasonable price. The price justifies its features and commendable performance. Additionally, the sequential and bump operating modes make it more versatile.

Are battery-powered nail guns any good?

The battery-powered nail guns are beneficial; besides, their convenience is matchless too. There is no need for compressed air. There are also no worries about replacing fuel cells now and then.

What is the best Hitachi cordless framing nailer?

Hitachi NR1890DR Cordless Nail Gun is the best Hitachi cordless framing nailer with its powerful and consistent shooting and minimum recoil.

Which one is the best pneumatic framing nail gun?

Hitachi NR90AES1 Pneumatic Framing Nailer is the best pneumatic framing nail gun with its advanced actuation mode and easy switching between modes.

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