Best Miter Saws Under $200 – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Deciding on a budget can make your search easier. If you have decided on spending under $200 for a reliable and flexible tool, this is your lucky day. In a short while, you are going to get familiar with the best miter saws under $200 on the market. Each of them is chosen carefully to ensure it offers splinter-free sharp cuts with various peripheral features.

Gone are the days when money was the criteria to gauge the quality of a product. With so many manufactures making their mark and offering superb features, heightened competition has tilted the situation in our favor. Simultaneously, if your chosen tool works excellent and does not break your wallet, you get more pluses.

Many of you might be buying a saw for the first time. Though the task is hugely daunting, you can find the most reliable and trustworthy miter saw with the right guidance and direction. Let’s dive into searching for the best cheap miter saw.

In a hurry?

If you don’t have much time to read the complete article, you can use the products table below to quickly find a miter saw within your budget. Rest assured that we only choose the best products.

  • Genesis GMS1015LC – Best 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw with Laser Guide
  • WEN MM1011 – Best 10-Inch Single Bevel Miter Saw with Laser
  • Delta S26-262L – Best 10″ Shop Master Miter Saw with Laser
  • Hitachi C10FCH2– Best 10-Inch Hitachi Compound Miter saw
  • Hitachi C10FCG– Best 10-Inch Hitachi Single Bevel Miter saw
  • CHICAGO ELECTRIC – Best Sliding Compound Miter saw with Dust Bag and Table Clamp

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6 Best miter saws under $200 – Our Top Picks

ImageProduct DescriptionOur ScoreCheck Price
Best Pick
Genesis GMS1015LC 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw
Genesis GMS1015LC 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw
  • 9 Positive Miter Stops
  • 60T Carbide blade installed
  • Easy to make angled cuts
  • Arbor lock for quick blade changes
  • quick release handles


Check Price
Editor’s Choice
WEN MM1011 Compact Sliding Compound Miter Saw
WEN MM1011 Compact Sliding Compound Miter Saw
  • Powerful 15-AMP Motor
  • Onboard Class II laser guide 
  • 40-Tooth carbide-tipped blade
  • Smooth Slide
  • Easy assembly 
Check Price
Best Budget
DELTA S26-262L 10
DELTA S26-262L 10″ Shop Master Miter Saw
  • Lightweight
  • Laser marker
  • Accurate cuts
  • Easy to setup
  • Budget friendly
Check Price
CHICAGO ELECTRIC 10 Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw CHICAGO ELECTRIC 10 Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw
  • Powerful 15-AMP motor
  • Extension bar
  • Table clamp
  • Easy to setup
  • Bevel 45 deg left/right
Check Price
Hitachi C10FCG 10 Hitachi C10FCG 10″ Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw
  • Powerful Motor 
  • Miter ranges left 52, right 52
  • Maneuverability
  • Horizontal handle
  • Smooth, straight, fast cuts
Check Price
Hitachi C10FCH2 Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw Hitachi C10FCH2 Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw
  • Laser marker system
  • Miter angle range 0 52
  • Bevel angle range 0 45
  • Large pivoting flip fence
  • Thumb actuated positive stops
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Best Compound Miter Saw Under $200

Genesis GMS1015LC

Genesis GMS1015LC

The Genesis GMS1015LC is a 10-Inch compound miter saw that can reach as far as 45- degrees to the left to make delicate miter cuts. With 9 positive miter stops, a builder gets various options to play on its woodworking projects with this trim saw.

Moving forward, you will find one-of-a-kind laser marking technology in this miter saw. For beginners, this might be one of the decisive characteristics for making the most accurate crown molding.

With a 15-amp motor, this compound miter saw produces 4600RPM and offers splinter-less cutting every time. The big ergonomic handle with an inward placed trigger allows you to control the tool while lowering the blade. The blade guard ensures the user’s safety and retracts back to its position as you release the handle.

A 10-inch carbide blade with a clampdown handle comes pre-installed in the tool. Additionally, you get a dust collection bag with two extension wings and a blade wrench.

Replacing the blade can be highly annoying, but not with the arbor lock system. For miter cutting, you can adjust the setting 45 degrees to the left and right of the 90 degrees. Overall, the Genesis GMS1015LC miter saw with laser guide technology is easy to use, offers precise and accurate angled cuts for making picture frames and other trim work.

  • Inexpensive and versatile
  • Makes faultless cuts 
  • Sturdy build
  • 9 miter stops 
  • Does not wobble
  • Folds easily
  • It comes with 2 AAA batteries
  • Dust collector
  • The laser is battery powered

Best Single Bevel Compact Miter Saw Under $200

WEN MM1011

WEN MM1011

A miter saw that comes in a broad frame and occupies more space can be a headache for people with space constraints. If you recently started your workshop, going with this miter saw might prove to be a wiser option as it can save 15-inches of your precious space.

The single bevel saw comes with a powerful 15-amp motor at such an affordable price. An accurate laser guide system takes the bar even higher.

If you plan on working on larger boards, this 10-Inch Sliding Compound Miter saw supports you there too. With its easy setup and well-made build, it is worth every penny spend on it. The 10-inch saw blade rotating at high speed will make the most accurate cuts through a 12 inch wide and 3.5-inch thick board.

The 9 stops at the most appropriate and frequently used angles let you be creative while making picture frames, a new deck, or anything else you can think of. For bevel cuts, the saw swing arms move 45 degrees to the left to make the most accurate cuts with this compound miter saw.

WEN MM1011 is one of the best miter saws with an upgradeable option from 10-12 inch blade option. The integrated Class II laser guide illuminating your cutting is more convenient as it does not run on batteries.

The two table extensions on either side offer you more room to make longer cross cuts through a material. Moreover, the dust collection bag with a dust port adapter secures the bag to ensure no unwanted spills.

Interestingly, with so many features at a cheap price of less than 200, this is an alluring miter saw for beginners, homeowners, and professionals alike.

  • 45 degrees left bevel angle 
  • Compact design
  • integrated laser marker 
  • An efficient dust collector
  • An efficient dust collection system
  • Easy to use with the firm grip handle
  • Slide bars can take some time to slide smoothly

Best Budget Shop Miter Saw With Laser Light

DELTA S26-262L

DELTA S26-263L Shopmaster

When you are working with a potentially dangerous tool like a miter, saw, having full control of your machine goes without saying. The S26-262L, with its 10-inch sharp blade, will let you achieve that control with its electric blade system. The efficiency and quick response of the brake add more points over its competitors.

Lightweight design is another feature that might not be very common for such machines. Thus, it is portable and offers convenience during transport from the table to the stand.

With a price tag of less than the earlier mentioned saws, it is the best budget miter saw and a fair deal for cost-constraints users.

Regardless of being a battery-powered saw, it still offers the highest RPM rate of 5500 among the ones already mentioned saws in the review. Furthermore, to avoid adding any overhead costs, it provides the convenience of working with any miter saw stands.

The wrong fitting of the blade may cause unforeseen problems later. Therefore, the tool comes with a spindle lock that holds the spindle while you effortlessly change the blade.

In this compound miter saw, the swing arm can move from 0°- 47° to the left. For mitering, it can cut Nominal 4×4 and 2×6 at 90°. 

If you plan on installing baseboards in the house, the miter saw with its accurate angled cutting will make clean joints. Additionally, while cutting, the laser provides a precise cutting path for making foolproof miter and bevel cuts.

If you are creative, we ensure you that this miter saw by Delta will only polish and enhance your creativity, offering you a plethora of design ideas. Surprisingly enough, its economical price does not let you down anywhere.

  • Easy to carry and setup
  • Lightweight
  • Accurate bevel cuts and miter angle
  • Wide bevel range
  • High 5500 RPM
  • a perfect tool for home use
  • handy laser guide 
  • No need for cords
  • an integrated dust collection bag
  • The laser marker light has a separate on-off mechanism

Best Inexpensive 10-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw



You might think that Chicago electric is a new brand on the market. Therefore, beginners need to know that it usually goes by Harbor Freight Tools, a much more established name.

This is a durable 10-inch miter saw with a blade slide function. The build and design are sturdy and well-made. This is among the best sliding miter saw under $200 for DIY and light cutting jobs.

The miter saw comes with a powerful 15-amp motor which produces 5000RPM for making cleaner and swifter crosscuts. You can easily cut 12 inches wide boar. The blade is attached to an arbor size of 5/8″.

For mitering with this miter saw, you can adjust the plate 45 degrees to the left and right, allowing you to make a range of angled cuts in between. For bevel cuts, you get 45 degrees of angle range but only on the left side. However, this range is ample for making picture frames.

One thing that might differ from others is that the miter saw does not come with a blade integrated into the final deal. Thus, the lower price of the miter saw seems to be a deliberate effort.

The saw works great for DIYers and light-duty tasks of homeowners. The handles on both sides of the table make it highly portable. The saw table offers ample space to provide stability to the board. Additionally, you can also work on simple crown moldings, and PVC cuts with this miter saw.

The back fence system keeps the board in place while you focus on making clean and accurate cuts. The large D handle keeps your finger tightly curled around it while you press the trigger. For efficient dust collection, the miter saw comes with a dust bag.

  • large D handle
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Extension bar
  • Dust collector bag
  • 5000 RPM
  • It does not come with a blade

Best Budget Hitachi Miter Saw

Hitachi C10FCG

Hitachi C10FCGS

Looking for an inexpensive miter saw is no problem these days. Simultaneously, these budget-friendly miter saws are full of high-quality features such as a superior dust collector, an integrated saw blade, laser guide beam, and much more.

Hitachi C10FCH2 is one such product that never disappoints its users and offers more than its price. This is one of the best miter saws under 200 with its single bevel design and highly precise miter angle options.

This 10-inch sliding compound miter saw is equally tough on soft and hard materials. Whether you are a beginner or a pro miter saw user, the integrated laser guide will let you make the most accurate cuts.

This miter saw runs works with a 15-amp motor. Working at high speed, it can seamlessly cut through the toughest materials. To make the most creative miter cuts, you get a 0-52 degrees miter angle range from left to right. This wide range allows for flexibility while making accurate cuts. For bevel cuts, you get a bevel angle range of 0-45 degrees to the left for precision cuts.

The horizontal handle with a soft and Elastomer grip ensures fewer vibrations are produced when you make highly intricate cuts.

The raised back fence design keeps the material fixed in its place while you lower the blade. This type of system eliminates the risk of losing control while you make challenging cuts.

Additionally, the dust collection ensures that most sawdust goes inside the dust bag, offering a safe environment for prolonged use.

With Hitachi C10FCH2 slide miter saw with a single bevel, you are investing for life. Additionally, the five-year limited warranty placed with responsive customer service is a cherry on top.

  • Value for money
  • User-friendly indexing system
  • Attractive design
  • Durable construction
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Integrated T-wrench and Hex wrench
  • The instruction manual is a little complicated

Best Miter Saw For The Money

Metabo HPT C10FCH2S

Best Miter Saw Under 200

Woodworkers looking for Hitachi/Metabo miter saws are actually searching for precision, accuracy, and flexibility in making cuts. A miter saw with fewer cutting angles and options can never enhance your creativity.

But at the same time, it is essential to be conscious of price. Metabo C10FCH2S 15-Ampis a highly suitable budget sliding miter saw. You have finally found a single bevel compound miter saw that knows what it is supposed to do without breaking your wallet.

The miter saw is famous for making accurate cuts without creating blunt-edges or leaving ugly marks on the board. It is way less than many miter saws from a price point but simultaneously gives a tough competition for making flexible cuts.    It can tilt 0-52 degrees on both sides making offering you a range of cutting options.

Though it does not come with a laser guide, it weighs less than many other Hitachi models. The lightweight makes it highly maneuverable and portable.

The miter saws are well-made when it comes to a dust collection system. Therefore, there is less pressure on the dust collector integrated into Hitachi products.

The vice clamp is pretty strong in keeping the boards in place. Therefore, you can focus more on cutting instead of holding the board down.

If you are interested in making precision cuts with this compound miter, you can set the bevel angle from 0-45 degrees. The thumb actuated positive stops let you showcase your creativity cut after cut.

Finally, the table on the 10-inch compound miter saw offers you ample room to adjust even larger boards while making miter or bevel cuts.

If you are thrifty but still want a bang for your money to fulfill your DIY projects, do not think twice and go for this 10-inch compound miter saw.

  • Makes straight and fast cuts
  • Powerful 
  • A dust collector bag
  • 10-inch carbide blade
  • It produces 5000 RPM
  • Super easy to adjust the angle
  • One of the decent miter saws under 200
  • The user manual is not much user-friendly
  • The dust bag might not be enough for collecting dust

Buying guide for the best miter saw under $200

Specifying your budget is not enough until you know what to expect in this budget. You should look for the most suitable miter saws for the money by comparing them with accompanying features.

Such a tool requires a keen understanding of various integral features of a miter saw and then making a parallel with your requirements. The below buying guide will help you find the most appropriate compound miter saw under $200 that has all your vital features.

Type of the miter saw

Before choosing a miter based on your budget, make sure you are buying the appropriate type of saw.

  1. Standard Miter saws: The standard miter saws are miter only saws where you can set the miter angle from 0-45 degrees to the left and the right side. You might not be able to make bevel cuts with such a saw.
  2. Compound miter saws: A compound miter saw, as the name implies, can do more than one function. You can buy them for making bevel cuts, miter cuts, and a combination of both.
  3. Sliding miter saw: Another type of miter saw is the sliding miter saw. The only difference is that the blade slides out to make larger cross cuts through wider wooden boards.

Further variations in a compound miter may include the ability to make single or double bevel cuts. If you plan on making crown molding, you should go for a compound miter saw with a double bevel, where the swing arm can move in both directions and make precise and accurate cuts.

This feature might add some weight to the whole machine but make the most precise cuts you can ever dream of achieving. A double bevel sliding compound miter saw might be the most versatile miter saw currently found on the market.

Other salient features that you might look for keeping affordability of a miter saw in check may include the following:

Miter saw blade

The saw blade is the starting point for any miter saw. The saw blade decides on the width and cutting depth achieved through a material. Additionally, the saw blade also impacts the quality of the cuts you can make through various products. You can typically find 8, 10, or 12-inch blades in a miter saw. These sizes cater to different cutting jobs through multiple materials.

As a rule of thumb, the more significant number of teeth means more precise and cleaner cuts. However, most commonly, you might find a ten-inch blade that is cheap and make the tool lightweight. But if you require high-quality precision and smooth cutting, you may go with a 12-inch blade.

Motor and power source

Most miter saws are coming with a 15-amp motor which is powerful enough to produce a high RPM rate. You may also find miter saws with 10 and 13-amp motor. Nevertheless, more powerful motors are suitable for making thicker cuts.

Angle variations and range

Miter saws are famed for making accurate angled cuts. With a simple miter saw, you can make miter cuts on both sides of the 90 degrees.

If you want to look for highly accurate and straight angles, the presence of positive stops or détente will help you hold the saw in its fixed angled position until you release them manually. This feature allows you to make foolproof cuts through a variety of materials.


Accessories add to the convenience of the user. Additionally, many brands are differentiating their products based on accompanying accessories. If your budget permits, you may look for added accessories such as extra saw blades, wrenches, clamps, etc.

Laser marking guide

Integrated laser light may help you make the most precise and straight cuts as the beam goes across the board at the chosen angle. The laser marking guide can be more beneficial if you are a beginner miter saw user. If you want to see a laser marking guide, you may go with Genesis GMS1015LC, WEN MM1011, or Hitachi products. Choosing any of them will be a wise decision complying with the budget.

Brake system

Another feature that you can find in budgeted yet best miter saws is the presence of electric blades. This feature is quite a handy addition for novices.

As in the beginning, you might not have much control over the cutting; the electric brakes can quickly stop the blade.

The S26-262L miter saw by Delta Power Corporation is an excellent choice for getting brakes in a miter saw under 200.


What is the best miter saw for the money?

The best miter saw for money is Delta Power Corporation, S26-262L. It includes the broadest range of features from a powerful motor, a decent blade diameter, a laser marking guide, a dust bag, and an electric brake. It offers you the most in the economical amount you spend on it.

Who makes the most accurate miter saw?

Though it is a tough question to ask but with so much innovation and changes, one brand that has already kept up with the pace of innovation is Dewalt. They offer a range of miter saws, and each of them garners positive support because of accuracy coupled with novelty.

Which is better 10 inch or 12-inch miter saw?

The size of the miter saw blade also corresponds to weight and price. A 10-inch miter saw is better if you are looking for a decent cutting performance with less weight.

On the contrary, if you prefer unerring precision and accuracy through thicker pieces like plywood and mahogany, a 12-inch blade is more recommended.

Do I really need a sliding miter saw?

If you are working on projects that include cutting wider wood pieces, procuring a miter saw becomes inevitable. Due to the blade’s sliding motion, it comes out and cuts through bigger and thicker pieces of lumber.


For a thrifty miter saw user dreaming of accurate and precise cuts, Hitachi C10FCG 15-Amp with its laser marking is the most recommended option.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a full package with butter-smooth cuts through the most demanding materials, go for DEWALT 12-Inch DWS 715 without much thought. We hope this review has helped you find the best saw under 200 to work on your dream project.

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