Can You Use A Chainsaw In The Rain – An Expert Guide

When you plan on doing a tree-cutting job, the weather is not in your favor all the time. Sometimes the weather change situation in the blink of an eye, ruining all your plans. But does it mean stopping the work midway or canceling the job altogether? I highly doubt that.

So a related question that pops up is,

can you use a chainsaw in the rain? Yes, you can. The pouring rain will not damage your chainsaw, and you can perfectly continue working on your project. Just make sure the engine is not submerged in water.

So, if you were thinking about postponing your woodcutting plans due to rain or snow, now you know there is no harm. However, you may experience an extra build-up with the wet wood. But it is nothing that a rag cannot clean.

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Many people have been asking questions related to the use of various types of chains under wet conditions. So, we decided to compile all the related questions and their answer on one platform.

Is running a wet chainsaw safe for the user?

There is no harm in using a wet chainsaw, and it will keep on running and does not stall or stop midways. However, if it happens, it is time to go to a mechanic shop to get it checked. If you are using a gas chainsaw there are more chances for it to keep running than breakdown.

Should I cover the engine with plastic?

You might have heard people saying when you are running a chainsaw under the rain; you might want to cover the engine or carburetor with plastic. However, experts say that there is no need to do so. Many people do it out of concern, but the reality is that it does not make a difference.

Can you use a chainsaw in the rain to cut down a tree?    

It might not be a good idea to cut the tree under heavy rain as you are potentially bringing down an object of great height. The rain and strong wind can make it go out of control. Besides, you cannot transport it until the weather is calm and mild. Therefore, it is always a suggestion to wait for the right weather condition.        

Is it dangerous to submerge a chainsaw?

Yes, it is dangerous for the user and the chainsaw. Therefore, do not try to swim with a chainsaw or submerge it underwater. As the water goes inside the engine, there is no way that you can guarantee the life of the chainsaw.

How to differentiate between a hard rain and submersion?

You can delineate the difference depending on the amount of water penetrating the chainsaw. The engine in the chainsaw gets its protection with a plastic or metal casing. Thus, to reach the engine, water has to cross the covering. An air filter under the casing further protects the engine from getting in contact with water.

Though the casing is not waterproof, the water resulting from working under the rain cannot reach the engine. However, when you keep the saw underwater for a long time, as in the case of submersion. The water can get to the engine and cause damage ultimately.

Can you use an electric chainsaw in the rain?


Electric chainsaws are becoming highly famous these days. They are lightweight and easy to work with for light-duty projects. An electric chainsaw receives its power from an electric power source. So it can be perilous to use an electric chainsaw underwater. There is always a chance to get a fatal electric shock in such a situation.

Can you cut wet wood with a chainsaw?          

Yes, you can cut the wet wood with a chainsaw. Besides, there is a misconception that wet wood can impact the chainsaw bar and chain. But actually, the damp wood will not dull the chainsaw any faster than using it on other types of wood.

Ideally, when a chainsaw is working properly, it is always wet with lubricating oil. This oil prevents the metal-on-metal friction between chain and bar. We know that water and oil are not similar, but it might be easy to comprehend this way.

Personal safety

Working with a wet chainsaw is not all about mechanics, but there are issues about user safety as well. Ensuring the working conditions are safe for you and others is essential to using the chainsaw under the rain. Particular safety concerns need your attention. We have mentioned them below for your reference.

Slippery conditions

First and foremost is the consideration of the slippery flooring. When you are working with a potentially dangerous tool such as a chainsaw, you have to make sure you have secure footing. Accidentally slipping when operating the device can be fatal for the user.

Unpredictable winds

When working under the rain, winds can be highly unpredictable. Cutting trees under the windy weather is not advised at all. The tree may sway under strong winds and can be dangerous.

Protective clothing

Another safety concern is the use of protective equipment such as rain boots, gloves, and extra grip for the chainsaw can go a long way. The water-resistant clothing will let you work comfortably in the rain.

Be careful of the debris on the trees

The debris and rocks stuck to the trees can damage your chainsaw. Therefore, before you start cutting, have a keener look and remove all the debris and dirt.

Warm clothing

Another aspect of putting on protective clothing is related to the cold weather as well. While working under the rain, you are not only wet but cold as well. I know you might think that it is obvious to take care of such matters.

But countless people don’t think about it and hence impact their health. The use of warm clothes implies that you will use layered garments, such as wool or polyester base layers, waterproof rain pants, jackets, etc.

Other factors that should be careful about should be noise, poor visibility, lightning, flooding (depending on the rain). When working under harsh weather, safety should be your foremost concern.

Besides all this, chainsaw kickback is also a very concerning subject for both experienced and novice operators. You. can read this short study on chainsaw kickback that can lead to improved kickback control systems 


We hope that all the important questions get answered in this article. Being careful is highly essential when you are cutting trees or using a chainsaw under the rain. You need to be cautious with the electric chainsaw if you are using it underwater lest your carelessness causes an electric shock.

If you are in the situation to stall your cutting project, it is always better to wait for clearer and less windy weather.

Besides, the cold of the rainy weather can also impact your health if you do not suit up properly. The necessary precautions with careful handling of the wood can save not only the chainsaw but your health as well.

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