What Is The Perfect Height Of A Workbench? A Complete Guide

Can a woodworker imagine working in a woodworking shop without a workbench? Seems strange right? But at the same time, a carpenter cannot start working on any table found in the home or market. Not only that, but the right workbench height is also crucial when it comes to productivity.  

So, what is a perfect workbench height?

The ideal workbench height is between 36“and 38”, which equals 90 cm to 96 cm. You will find people saying that variations of one inch or two do not make much difference. But we are among those who think highly about correct workbench dimensions. Keeping your elbow and back in the wrong position will ultimately impact your health.

The joiner is an essential piece of equipment in any woodworking shop, and it needs to precise in its dimensions according to the requirement of work. The ideal workbench height will allow you to work comfortably without any discomfort.

This way, you can have all the necessary working tools in the access of your hands. The size should ensure ample space for all these frequently used tools and workpieces.

Whether you are cutting panels, making shelves, or doing various other cutting jobs, you must need to ask these questions: What is perfect height of workbench? Do you have that ideal height? Well, these questions are straightforward, but their answer may need a little of your attention here. The ideal height of a workbench may depend on the following factors:

  • Type of work you are doing: Fine, easy, or heavy
  • Height of the workman working in the workshop

Many of you want to start your DIYing or woodworking career by building a workbench, so you cannot jump on working with cutting tools without having a proper plan. The right height of a workbench is vital because less-than-perfect height will cause fatigue and discomfort as you will work with it for a long time.

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Perfect Workbench Height According To Naure Of Job

Fine working

Fine working includes making angles, finding the right area, and drawing cutting plans. These tasks require support for your elbow to keep the core muscles relieved. For standard workbench height, make sure the height is 5-10 cm above your elbow height.

Easy work

The working height for easy work such as light processing, assembly of the workpieces, your workbench height should be 4″ – 6″ (10 cm – 15 cm) below your elbow.

Heavy work- demanding jobs

Finally, for the demanding and heavy jobs in the workshop, your woodworking bench height should be 6″ – 15″ inches below your elbow.

How To Calculate The Optimal Workbench Height?

workbench in woodworking shop

When you are working in garages, woodworking shops, carpenter workshops, or whatever you call them, having workbenches helps you. They can enhance the quality of your work. Additionally, you get the best bet when you have adjustable worktops.

You can make adjustments of the height according to the project’s requirement from light to precise to heavy-duty work. Many of you might have bought a finished worktop from the factory. In this situation, you can purchase special foot stands to manage the height according to work.

On the contrary, when you are making a worktop for yourself, you need to work on its design to include all the details and features that make it adjustable. Take the following aspects into account when making the design of the workbench:

  • Thickness of countertop
  • Distances for fasteners
  • Size of the supports
  • Height of the final product

If you neglect these points in your workbench design, you may find the final product is few centimeters higher than the actual size.

As mentioned above, with the simple formula that relates the height of the person and the 100cm, you can find the perfect workbench height. The following table is a rough estimation of what you will get as a result of this formula.

Height of the worker (cm)Workbench height (cm)

You may find standard models that come in the height of 80-90 cm in the market. According to the formula mentioned above, it is suitable for people with the height of 180 to 190 cm.

If you are tall, you may choose for models with 80-110 height, but you might not get the cabinets under the instruments in these models. For people with shorter heights, you will have to make footrests with these tables.

This might look like a hassle for many of the woodworkers out there. Thus, go for the most convenient option; a DIY workbench. You can make your own workbench by looking at your preferences and growth requirements.

This way, you have all the liberty to measure the right thickness, take account of all the other sizes and height considerations to achieve the perfect height of your workbench.

What Should Be The Best Workbench Height?


The perfect height of the woodworking bench depends on the projects and tasks performed on the bench. To gauge the ideal length, you have to consider the resting point of your elbow above the floor.

To work with enhanced comfort and minimum fatigue, ensure that your elbow and woodworking tool share the same horizontal direction. While you make your woodworking bench, make sure you can adjust it according to the person’s height.

This is necessary to ensure the proper distance of the elbow to the countertop. This is the most comfortable position for a woodworker, ensuring less fatigue and maximum working efficiency.

A rule of thumb; when gauging the length of the worktop according to the height of the carpenter is by subtracting 100 cm from the total height. So, if your total height is 170 cm, then the length of the worktop from the floor should be 70cm.

For many of the woodworking benches that are not adjustable according to the height of the user, you can use additional floor stands to achieve the correct working level.

Most often, their standing position is a little forward-tilted. This way, they can strain their muscles and joints in the hands, back, legs, and shoulders. The wrong position and height can cause health problems. Ultimately, work gets impacted too. Thus, ensuring proper workbench height is inevitable

Final Thoughts

The workbench height plays a vital role in achieving the right quality out of your woodworking project. The standard workbench height is 90 cm to 96 cm. However, it can vary according to the requirements of your project and your height.

The ideal workbench height will help you work for a long time without getting fatigued. If you are working with a table with less than the proper workbench height, you might end up compromising your health. Therefore, make sure the optimal workbench height corresponds to the project requirements and your physique.

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